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 The 13th City - Kagetsuchi (Kanashimi's Deck Shop)

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Earth Armor Ninja

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PostSubject: The 13th City - Kagetsuchi (Kanashimi's Deck Shop)   Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:29 pm

1) T.G.XXXR2701- T.G Stun Deck - Great for lock down the field and allowing the player to syncro summon easily with support to help set up to summon Halberd Cannon as an ace while stopping your oppenents plays. 250 NP

2) Shiro Hisogeki (White Flying Ice Strike) - Crystal Beasts - A simple but effictive deck, able to summon quick while having support cards to help speed the deck up and you what you need. Warning there are a lot of support cards but when set up correctly can OTK. 200 NP

3) Kuro Yukihira (Black Snowflake) - Infernity - My personal deck and most likely my strongest deck, loops can easily summon cards to help with getting out strong monsters while searching for cards to stop your oppenents cards, plays a beat-down stlye and can OTK when set-up correctly. Also if played correctly goes head to head with the current meta and make some extreme plays. 450 NP

4) Ao Uzumaki (Blue Whirlpool) - Gishki - Bulit around using Zeal Gigas as th ace of this deck, Gishkis play well however the need to bring back monsters from the grave. This deck however brings back monsters from the grave back to the hand while searching out cards from your deck. 2500 NP

5) Lust-SIN - Malefic Skill Drain Deck - Another deck whioh in simple, this deck is all about keep your field spells on the field and Malefics to summon high beaters fast. However this can be a draw back as there are a small amount of monsters that can be summoned so be careful about that. Also the deck to bulit to help draw power. 150 NP

6) Misaki - Watt Lock Deck - As we all know Watts weak as hell but when you have 2 Watthopper on the field Watts can do so much lockdown plays it
it great this use a Solid-Hopper style too it. However Watts aren't invincible so this deck covers that probelm while aiming to summon fast. 150 NP

7) Roku Kai (Six Release) - .... Six Spams - No need to say anthing about this deck... *sigh* I wish I never played this deck, only used it to test and you know the rest. 150 NP

Cool Synchro Warriors - Quickdraw Quasar - A deck based on summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon quickly while setting up some good loops to get the right cards needed to summon well. The pace of this deck is quite fast so you will need to play smart and think about future play as one mistake could spell GG for you oppenent so play safe. You are able to summon Quasar in two turns so play safe until your ready to explode. 250 NP

9) Twilight Chaos - Chaos Dragon - Pretty well what you would expect from a Chaos deck this deck swarms even if you oppenent negates one summon that can be used to your advantage for banishing. And Xyz act as extra protection and overkilll plays. 200 NP

10) Exodus Tyranno - GX Style Dino OTK - Man this deck was so random you have no idea, I was looking back at my old dino deck and this popped into my head. This deck is so good you have no idea, using Tyranno Infinity as it's ace it clears the field and controls and until you are ready to go for the kill. The extra deck is bulit as using Xyz to act as the solemns for this deck and uses synchros as an extra plays. 300 NP

11) Twilight of The Gods - Nordic - So as you should know Nordics focus on summoning the gods their ace cards so this deck is bulit to summon them as quick as possible and protect them, while running over your oppenents cards and you can still have a back-up with the chaos engine for plays. Easily OTK-able and so many different plays for different times. 350 NP

12) Bubble Beat - E-Heros (ONLY 7 MONSTERS?!) - Yeah you should know what this deck does but for those that don't it focuses on Bubble man as your main card of the deck by emptying out your hand to summoning him by his effect and making Blade Armor Ninja and Fusing to summon high beaters and stop your oppenents plays by using super poly. 200 NP

13) Sacred Phoenix Yubel - Yubel - Just a fun Yubel deck that uses Yubel - The Terror Incarnate with Sacred Phoenix Nephthys by clearing the field keeping control over the field with Terror's effect and then using Phoenix to clear out backrow, however the deck does lack power at times but it's a really fun deck to play and I'm sure someone could find improvements for the deck. 150 NP

14) The Grimm Fable - Fabled - This bulid is deck without Raven as the deck is so good without him in it, the bulid focuses on keeping your oppenents hand the same as yours as one of the key cards is Fabled Unicore which is a like a Stardust but it negates everything as long as you and your oppenent have the same amount of cards in thier hand, the big issuse with the deck is that you need to pace youself with the amount of cards you use per turn. 200 NP

Well that's it for now, when I get round to building some new decks I'll post up any good ones I've created so yeah Bye for now.

I will reap this sea of it's fish and end the day out in the Sun, I am Haku-men the Ice-cream has come!
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The 13th City - Kagetsuchi (Kanashimi's Deck Shop)
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