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 Chaos Hunter

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PostSubject: Chaos Hunter   Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:00 am

Not once, since chaos came back strong, have I seen this card played. I don't know why. even against synchro decks and xyz it can be handy. With the amount of special summons that go on now it's a wonder. It was made for versus chaos. Nobody sees the benefit, and if not a main deck card, at least side-deck a couple of copies. The price of discarding one card to special summon it and effectively shut down a chaos deck is a win. People should use it more often. Still don't buy it, here:

Got Chaos hunter out on 1st turn and totally shut him down. He had BLS envoy in his hand and lightpulsar. Would've been screwed if not for Hunter.
I took a screen shot, but I'm not allowed post links yet. If you want to see it's just[foward slash]-eoVmS (minus -)

those cards on his field were in his hand and he was showing me. If he had gotten BLS out, I'd have been effed. Do yourselves a favour, and stick a few copies in.

Finally happy with custom sig. Credit to bingo for the one with just Ra
PM for casual duel, challenge for eh...non-casual? Suspect
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The ultimate mike

The ultimate mike

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Hunter   Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:29 am

Chaos hunter is a good card, but its lost popularity this format.
Discarding cards is always a bad thing, especially with the hand control that most chose decks have. Also that card can only be special summon after a chaos monster has already been special summoned.
Chaos sorcerer can then banish it, pulsar can attack it head on, bls can really screw it over.
Although its good, losing hand control is really not good, i used to main it also and it screwed me over more then helped me out.
D.D. Crow is better imo, especially early game, you can lock down your opponent pretty quickly and its a 1 for 1.
Also chaos decks run stuff like trag and gorz that could easily deal with it.

I guess what I'm saying is nowadays its too slow, CDs are better handled with crow and electric virus or other 1 for 1 cards.
Imperial Iron wall also helps a great deal.
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Chaos Hunter
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