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 Dravarol's deck Bazaar

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T.G. Librians

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PostSubject: Dravarol's deck Bazaar   Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:46 pm

You see through the mists a shop in a back alley. Though you have never been here before you feel as though this card shop and its owner have always been here. The door slowly creaks open...

My Current Wares These all have a postive win rate on DN and I feel are polished and unique enough for sale. If you are not satisfied with any purchase here I offer a 100% refund.) Edit: I have been gone from the game a couple months many of these decks won't be as polished as they were when I first made them but I think you will still enjoy them.

200 Points for any of the decks in my shop

Psychics of Arcadia - An all psychic deck that will leave your opponent reeling as your life points climb rapidly and when all their efforts to stop your synchro monsters only lead to you summoning the mighty ultimate axon kicker to rend their mind.

Tragic Crystals - My take on the Crystal Beast Archetype. It makes good use of the powerful spells at the beasts dispossal while allowing the chance to synchro or XYZ when necessary to provide a safe out. Some care has to be done when doing this in order to maintain a back row of crystal beasts. Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings is the boss of this deck who will never stop coming back to crush your opponent and insure their own tragic ending at your hands.

Utgard! Fenrir’s Lair - My personal Water deck based around Fenrir. It makes good use of unique water control cards like spirit arts and Eisbahn as well as cards that will enhance Fenrir's power. When Fenrir hits the field your opponent will despair as every monster they have becomes a lost draw phase allowing you to easily tear them apart.

Crown of Fire! - My fire attribute deck worthy of the flame monarch. A solid Flamvell deck that slowly burns away your opponents cards before exploding outward with rekindling into a blaze of pain. The solid spell and trap line up will insure that even the weakest starting hand will grow into a proper inferno.

Horus Heresy - My own version of the infamous Horus Lock deck. Though not as powerful as it once was the current reliance on many support spells in most deck will allow Horus to tear through them with ease. Once the lock is set up watch as your opponent realizes that half of their deck has become a dead draw.

Legends of the Hidden Temple - My own version of the Turbo Inca deck. Supported by an array of powerful continous traps and the magic planter engine . Your opponent will struggle again and again as your dragons of sun and moon hammer upon him while your iron wall and skill drain prevents them from stopping you. For added value fill your extra deck with all the other level 6 and level 8 synchros you love.

Jamming Signal - This control deck based around Jam Breeding machine will frustrate your opponent to no end as you seem to have an answer to every move they make while every turn you get a monster for free. With Wetlands and Token stampede supporting you those measly 500 atk tokens become 2700 atk engines of destruction.

Lord of Flames - Sacred Beast Uria arise and rebuild this world from ash! Magic Planter, Imperial Custom and an assortment of Trap Monsters will ensure that this lord of flames arises and reduces your opponents life to cinders.

Vortex of Fire! - The glory of technology has given rise to the Blaze Accelerator. Abuse the sheer card advantage this deck can gain as it wastes your opponents monsters and keeps rebuilding your own hand and setting up quick and easy rank 4 xyz summons.

Poisonous Glade - You fought your way through the jungle only to find this dilapidated temple. Once inside you opened the central chamber only to loose a scaly horror on the world. A Reptilliane deck that weakens your opponents monsters as it defends itself and then abuses their weakened state to gain advantage either by stealing their monsters, tributing them, or just attacking them for massive damage.

Deck Request - If you have a deck idea I would be willing to give it my best and try to make it for you. Just send me a PM with what you are looking for and we can negotiate the details. Generally I will work on the deck a lot first and if you like it we will then come up with a price. I am always looking for new ideas to tinker with.
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T.G. Administrator
T.G. Administrator
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PostSubject: Re: Dravarol's deck Bazaar   Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:48 pm

me whud like uria deck and horus lockdown deck

Don't block the shot make the shooter think your going to block the shot-reggie miller

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Dravarol's deck Bazaar
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