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 Baby Tiragon Deck

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T.G. Librians

Posts : 33
Join date : 2012-07-07

PostSubject: Baby Tiragon Deck   Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:55 pm

Monsters (25)
3x Battle Fader
3x Copy Cat
3x D-Boyz
3x King of the Skull Servants
2x Kinka-Byo
2x Meklord Emperor Wisel
3x Mystical Piper
2x The Lady in Wight
3x Wightmare
1x Tragodia

Spells (12)
3x A Dog's Chance
1x Heavy Storm
3x Inferno Reckless Summon
2x Level Limit - Area B
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x One for One

Traps (3)
3x The Golden Apples

Extra Deck
3x Baby Tiragon
3x Galaxy Queen
3x Super Star Mira
3x Golden Rat
1x Leviar
1x Zenmaine
1x Whatever I feel like for that duel

Okay I am asking you my fellow academy members for advice, critique, general comments, and etc.

Okay before anyone suggests adding any staple cards like Solemn's or bottomless, or anything else along those lines their is a very simple reason they are not in here at the moment. When I am building and testing a deck I tend to avoid staples as much as possible at the early stages of the build. Mainly so I can make sure everything else works well and then slowly shave away the dead weight to replace with staples.

How the deck works. Special summon 3 level 1's summon Baby Tiragon. Summon a high attack level 1 monster (Meklord, Copycat, King of Skull Servants, Malus Token). Use Tiragon's effect to direct attack for massive damage. Profit???

Battle Fader and Trag is to prevent OTK's. Piper for Card Draw. Kinka, D-boyz, One for One, and inferno reckless summon help me summon Baby Tiragon.

A dog's chance gives the deck surprising consistency, while Level Limit helps protect against a large number of decks.

Side deck is changing constantly.

I am asking you my fellow academy members for advice, critique, general comments, and etc.

Thanks in advance.

“Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.”
Voltaire quote (French Philosopher and Writer. 1694-1778)
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T.G. Librians

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Posts : 27
Join date : 2012-06-25
Age : 25
Location : Kent, WA

PostSubject: Re: Baby Tiragon Deck   Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:50 pm

I think I suggested this before, but you could try Gagaga Magician, since it has the potenital to get you that 1500 points of Direct Damage.

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." -Albert Einstein
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your philosophy." -Hamlet
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Baby Tiragon Deck
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